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Price Estimation With BeMyFlat 

An online estimation is one of the first steps in your real estate project, but it is not that simple. Let us explain why:
Mrs. B is selling a 1 bedroom apartment, on the 4th floor, with a vis-a-vis, West facing, to be renovated
 Mrs. M is selling a 1 bedrrom apartment, on the 4th floor, without a vis-a-vis, South facing, improvements needed.
 Mr. F sold, 5 years ago, a 1 bedroom apartment, on the 5th floor, without vis-a-vis, South facing, to be renovated.


How do you estimate the sale price for the apartments of Mrs B and Mrs. M?


• Where is the limit between "improvements needed" and "to be renovated"?
• What is the impact of the difference in orientation? Or if there is a building directly opposite?
• What were the financial, economic and legal situations like 3 years ago?
• What is the current interest rate for a loan?
• What is the condition of the common areas of the building?

These questions are how the value of your apartment is determined. The variation in these answers explain why online estimation websites can only provide you with a price range.

We offer you, for free, a precise estimation of your apartment within 48 hours and in complete confidence. 

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